GRIDSERVE announces that the first of a nationwide network of over 100 Electric Forecourts® is now under construction and will open this summer, offering convenient, ultra-fast, low-cost charging, with an outstanding customer experience.

This forecourt will sit next to the new Horizon 120 Business Park (in Great Notley) and will provide residents and businesses with a dependable source of green energy which will make owning or driving an electric vehicle far more viable.

This eco-friendly facility complements the other modern day amenities planned for the Horizon 120 employment site and fits in with the vision – to create a forward-looking business community with emphasis on long-term sustainability.

Toddington Harper, CEO and founder of GRIDSERVE, said: “We’ve designed our Electric Forecourts® entirely around the needs of electric vehicle drivers, updating the petrol station model for a net-zero carbon future. Many more people want to buy electric vehicles but are worried about how to charge them. We will help solve that challenge and deliver the confidence needed to make the switch to electric transport.

“This will be the most advanced charging facility in the UK, and possibly the world. Drivers will be able to turn up and charge their vehicle at the fastest rate each vehicle can support, using 100% renenewable energy, and with the best possible charging experience.”

James Cleverly, Minister of State, former Conservative Party Chairman and MP for Braintree, said: “Our government is committed to increasing the take-up of electric vehicles, to clean our air and enable us to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050. GRIDSERVE’s Electric Forecourt®, close to Braintree, is pioneering the world-class charging infrastructure that we need to support our policies and will inspire people in towns and cities throughout the country to have the confidence to make the move to sustainable transport”.

Graham Butland, Leader of Braintree District Council, said: “This ultramodern forecourt will provide residents and businesses in our district with access to a dependable source of green energy which will make owning an electric vehicle far more viable. The availability of this technology will put Braintree at the forefront of the low carbon transport revolution and will go a long way in helping us meet our climate targets.”

Braintree Electric Forecourt®, planned for Great Notley, will offer the world’s fastest charging rates, charging a typical EV in less than 30-minutes, and it will put Braintree at the centre of the low-carbon transport revolution.

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